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    Personalized medicine is here, and we are proud to be pioneers in it!

  • Brave new world: Personal Genomics

    Rapid advances in genomics in the past decade resulted in understanding how certain individual traits can be inferred from one's genetic profile. Your unique genetic makeup determines almost all of your traits, including the way your body reacts to drugs.

  • Drugs: One size doesn't fit all

    During the last 100 years, as long as the modern medicine exists, there was a single rule of thumb: one size fits all. Physicians, clinicians, even FDA regulators relied on this principle. However, nowadays, personal genomics can reveal a plethora of information on which drugs and what dosages work best for you.

  • Know which drug work best for you

    By analyzing your genome, we can provide you an extremely useful guidance on which drugs will work best for you as well as which ones you should avoid. Even more importantly, we can predict successfully the optimal dosage for you, thereby providing you with optimal therapeutic effect at all times, with rapidly reduced risks of toxicity and side effects.

  • Have full control over the information!

    In this day and age, when your email and phone conversations are no longer private, why would you expect more privacy for your personal genomic traits?! With Genome Liberty you are the sole owner of your genetic information! Opt-in is a Choice, not the Rule: Your genetic data belongs to you. Thus, we give you access to your genetic information but do not force you to sign away rights to your DNA or your data. If you want to share your genetic data, you can “opt-in” to do so, whereas other companies do not even allow you to “opt-out.”